how the HLOOKUP could be used, we consider an example where we identify the minimum bid for a contract from a list of contractors.

The syntax for HLOOKUP is


Search criterion is the value searched for in the first row of the array.

array is the reference, which is to comprise at least two columns.

index is the number of the column in the array that contains the value to be returned. The first column has the number 1.

sorted is an optional parameter that indicates whether the first column in the array is sorted in ascending order. Enter the Boolean value FALSE if the first column is not sorted in ascending order. Sorted columns can be searched much faster and the function always returns a value, even if the search value was not matched exactly, if it is between the lowest and highest value of the sorted list. In unsorted lists, the search value must be matched exactly. Otherwise the function will return this message: Error: Value Not Available.

Below, we have a number of contractors and their corresponding bids in an array.

We first use the MIN function to place the minimum bid value in B10

Row 3 is used to flag the column with the minimum bid. The formula in
B3 is =IF(B5=$B$10; “P”;””) We use the Wingding font, which shows a flag symbol instead of the letter “P”.

The HLOOKUP function in B9 then searches for the flag returning the name of company below that flag.