This is an addin that you may or may not find useful. It can be downloaded here

It takes some knowledge and experience with macros to create a custom form for inputting data into spreadsheet tables. This Data Entry Wizard makes it easy by automatically figuring out all the fields in your table and generating a customized dialog for you.

It also features full support for dates – which was the most difficult feature to implement.

In order for the Data Entry Wizard to work, your table must be surrounded by blank cells. Select a single cell inside the table and invoke the wizard as shown below.

I’d like to think that using the Data Entry Wizard is easy and intuitive.

  • New creates a new row at the bottom of the table.
  • Insert creates a new row at the current location.
  • Update updates the table based on the current values in the dialog.
  • Delete removes the current row from the table.
  • Next and Previous allow you to navigate throught the table

Also TAB moves you between fields.

Please send me your feedback/comments and especially requests for enhancement. This is open source so you can make your own changes if yu feel up to it.

In future versions, I’d like to add more error checking, sorting, date verification between bounds and selection lists.