Information You Should Know About Your Computer so You Don't Have to Pay Expensive Repair Fees

Information You Should Know About Your Computer so You Don’t Have to Pay Expensive Repair Fees

Owning a computer is fantastic. It allows you to work remotely from the comfort of your own home, all while surfing the web and communicating with your friends from around the world. Computers simply make your life a whole lot easier and so there is no wonder why almost every household around the world has a desktop device of some sort.

Though computers are amazing, they are annoyingly drawn to breaking. Sometimes you boot up your computer and for no reason whatsoever, it has broken since your last use of it. Beyond the point of turning it on and off again and hoping for the best, most of us are not equipped to deal with our computers randomly breaking.

For this reason, many of us depend on seeking the help of trained professionals to fix our devices. Though these professionals often do a fantastic job, there is no denying that they don’t overcharge quite a lot for their work. Sometimes the costs are so high that they almost exceed the cost of purchasing your computer to start with, so it is better to just replace the item.

If you go to some really unreliable and even rude workers, they may depend on your lack of knowledge to scam you. There have been many instances of people needing repairs that take only minutes to complete, but they still end up walking out with a large bill.

Something that you can do to overcome all of these annoying care costs is get to know your computer. Some of the repairs that you pay for can be easily fixed at home or prevented entirely and here is how.

Virus Protection

One of the main reasons that people take their computers in for repair is because their computer has become overwhelmed with malware and viruses. If you are someone that is a bit of a novice when it comes to computers, then you may not have realised how easy it is for your computer to become infected by a nasty virus.

The best thing that you can do is purchase a quality anti-virus and firewall protection, to ensure the safety of your computer. There are hundreds of different antivirus software providers out there and even if you are someone that is on a small budget, you are bound to find a perfect provider out there for you. If you are unsure of where to look for an anti-virus provider, we recommend that you take a look at Unslider, as Unslider has plenty of anti-virus protection options for you.

Something that we do recommend is that you avoid free anti-virus software, as these tend not to work as well as paid services. Even if you do not like the idea of paying a fee, imagine how much you will need to pay in repairs if your computer does end up infected.


As a computer gets older, you may start to notice that its performance starts to slow and it becomes much less reliable. A lot of people tend to write this off as the computer just naturally coming to the end of its life, but this is not the case.

When you have a computer for a long time, you usually download a lot of content and a lot of software. Usually, this starts to slow your computer down and can lead to things taking a while to load or not loading up at all. All you need is to sweep your computer and delete a lot of the unnecessary data that you have collected and your computer will be running like new again.

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How to Save Money on All of Your Christmas Tech

How to Save Money on All of Your Christmas Tech

Christmas seems to have come around faster than anticipated this year and after a year of financial uncertainty, we are all a bit worried about being able to spoil our family and loved ones with gifts this year.

In the last year or so, a lot of brand new and exciting technology has been released onto the market. If you are someone with children, it is likely that they have been begging for this technology all year and you have managed to subdue them with the promise that they will receive it for Christmas. However, now that Christmas is extremely close, you may now be concerned that you will be unable to keep your promise and you may disappoint your child.

Even if you are not in the best financial position this year, you do not have to completely give up on the prospect of being able to spoil your children with the latest technology. There are many ways that you can save money on your Christmas Tech this year and here are just some of the ways.

  • Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is coming up at the end of November, which gives you some time to put aside a bit of money in anticipation. Black Friday is well known around the world for offering some absolutely amazing sales on millions of different items, including technology.

Black Friday is so popular because it often feels as though the companies are giving away the items. With a lot of items falling below 50% of their recommended retail price, you are guaranteed to bag yourself an amazing bargain on a long list of items.

Before the sales happen, a lot of stores give a preview of some of the price drops that you can expect on the day. Black Friday can get a bit hectic and you can expect to spend a lot of time in line, so be sure that you choose to go to the store with the best available sales, as that will make your trip more worthwhile and you will be able to ensure that you are making the best savings you can.

Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, Black Friday is no longer exclusive to in-store sales and you can now go online and find amazing Black Friday sales. Some of the bigger retailers such as Amazon are now getting involved in Black Friday, so you can expect to find some awesome deals online.

  • Buy Second Hand

This time of year can be a big strain on everyone economically and so something that you may notice is that more and more people are selling items that they longer use in order to raise a bit of cash.

Most of the time, these items are in perfect condition, but the owners would rather have the money than the item. Your child or family member would not even be able to tell the difference, as most of the time these items are sold with all of the items that it came with originally.

If you have second-hand stores near you, now is the best time to check for fantastic deals on tech. Because the items are second-hand, you can expect to pay almost half of the recommended retail price, which means you will be saving a lot of money.

The only issue with second-hand stores at this time of year is that they often like to up their prices, so we recommend that you try and get in there early.

Another alternative to second-hand stores is using online marketplaces. Social media sites such as Facebook have marketplaces where you can buy from other users. These items are usually very cheap, as people want a quick sale. People who sell often offer to drop the item off or can be asked to do so for an additional price. This is very handy, as it means that you can get some excellent deals without even leaving your house.

You do have to be aware that some people try to scam using this selling method, so never send the money to the seller before you have received the item.

  • Online Coupons

Another great way to save money on your Christmas tech is by using online coupons. There are plenty of sites online that offer fantastic coupon deals that can be applied to hundreds of different websites. Though coupons are very useful, they can be difficult to find online. This is why we recommend that you find a place that compiles a list of different online coupon deals, such as PureVPN.You can acquire a PureVPN coupon code by checking out the website and taking a look at some of the deals they offer.

They offer big deals on sites like Amazon and other popular sources for the latest tech, so you are bound to find something that you can use.

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Breaking Down How Rainbow Six Sieges Destruction Physics Work

Breaking Down How Rainbow Six Sieges Destruction Physics Work

After releasing in 2015, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege quickly became one of the most popular multiplayer shooters of the last decade. It still has a dedicated player base and development team now, six years later.

One major reason for this is the games intricate maze-like maps that allow for intense destruction to take place. Let’s take a look at what the destruction physics allow, how they work, and how it all comes together in the gameplay.

How does the game play?

Rainbow Six Siege is a 5 v 5 team based multiplayer shooter that places players in the shoes of operators. You work with your team to either attack or defend an objective in a small, confined map.

There are a number of different objective but for the most part they all play fairly similarly and focus around capturing a hostage, bomb or chemical weapon or defending it. Each operator that you chose has a unique ability that no one else has, so make sure to build a team around operators that work well together.

The gameplay can be quite tough, once you are dead that’s it for the round which makes your reactions quite important in moment-to-moment gameplay. If you’re like me and get frustrated fairly easy, rainbow six cheats make the game way more fun and allow you to stay alive a little longer than usual. They can add an aimbot to make sure you don’t lose your focus when being surprised by and attacking operator. Now you have the basics of how things work, lets take a looks at how the destruction physics.

How do the physics work?

The reason that the Rainbow Six Siege physics work the way they do is due to Ubisoft’s Anvil engine. The engine not only allowed for improved graphical upgrades, but it also allowed for players to have a greater interaction with the environment.

Whilst they weren’t able to full utilize this at first with some of their larger scale open-world games, when they made Rainbow Six Siege, the maps were so small and controlled they could basically be turned into a small sandbox for players to enjoy experimenting in.

This combination, of player interaction, and improved graphical capability set the stage for siege to reach its potential as an outlier in the multiplayer shooter genre.

What do the physics let you do?

Every character in the game is able to interact with the environment in some way. Everyone has the option to carry breach charges which allow player to blow up a wall in order to move into an area.

If you are on the defending team however, you can put up metallic wall defenses that counter these breach charges. Players are also able to hit holes into the walls or just blindly shoot through walls and hope for the best.

There are also some operators that have their own unique way of interacting with the environment. Characters like Sledge carry around a sledgehammer that allow them to knock down walls indefinitely without a breach charger. Characters like Fuze have a special wall charge which when placed, carves a hole into the wall, and shoots small grenades through.

These complex and unique destruction physics allow for each game of rainbow six siege to be unlike any other. One game you might be able to complete the objective by rappelling up a wall, arming a breach charge and swinging through a wall to capture a hostage whilst another game you could be in an intense 1 v 1 firefight where you shoot an attacker through the wall as they attempt to disarm the bomb.

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How Owning a Blog Can Improve Your Employability in The Technology Sector

How Owning a Blog Can Improve Your Employability in The Technology Sector

The technology sector is home to a number of different job opportunities however, in order to make yourself the perfect candidate for some of the more advanced positions you should be doing everything you can to show off your skills. When looking for a job you must be able to sell yourself and explain to a potential employer why you deserve a position at their company, if you are not able to do so then they will have no issue with accepting an application from someone who will, which is why it is important to work on your interview confidence for the best chances of getting the job your desire.

I would highly recommend that you think about how all of your past achievements have led you to this position and how they have given you experiences relevant to the company that you want to work within. Especially within your educational achievements where you may have received a very difficult award or grade for a project. It is qualifications like this that will set you apart in a very crowded market of people who are looking to work in the next big tech company.

Running a Blog

A huge way that you can boost your chances of being awarded a position within a tech company would be to set up and manage your own blog, if you are able to get some success from this platform then you are going to be much more valuable to the company as you are able to establish an online client base. This article will look at the many ways in which running a blog can help boost your employability within the technology industry, which is so competitive right now.

The great thing about running your own blog is that you have complete freedom over what you choose to write about and post to your readers. Of course, if you are interested in working with technology you should try and make it relevant to that industry to impress potential employers when you show them. To run a successful blog you need to have a substantial following meaning that social media should be used to share and make people aware of the content you are making, although it may take some time it will all be worth it when you can show an interviewer that you have already contributing hard work to the industry.


One way that building a blog can help improve your employability is that it helps you to build high-quality research skills. If you want to avoid putting out factually incorrect content then you will need to do plenty of research before writing a new blog post, it is this level of preparation that is required within the technology industry so it will stand out as a strong skill under your belt with potential employers. You should make sure to go into detail about your research process within any interviews you have as this will also help sway the vote in your favor.

Interactions With Potential Customers

Another way that having your won technology blog will help your employment chances is that it shows you can interact with a customer base, although you will not be being paid for the blog straight away you could end up getting advertising opportunities and other brand deals. This shows that you can work in a professional environment and that you can interact with your followers in a way that meets the industry standard. This will also help your confidence which is another quality that your employers will be looking for in their staff,

Building a Following

In order for your blog to be successful, you will need to advertise and market your content to build followers and readers, this is one of the most important parts of running your blog that will help boost your chances of getting a job as it is a transferable skill to be used within many aspects of your future career. One way that you can boost the success of your blog would have to be using a blogger outreach service to increase your internet search rank and help you become a more recognized blog that people will go to for information.

Innovation and Showing Passion

The final way that having a blog will help you become more of an employable candidate would be simply that it shows you care about the industry. The fact that you have gone to the effort and spent the time putting the blog together and running it to a high standard shows that you want to give back in the tech industry. If you have the passion to work then this is likely to impress employers over some of the other more professional requirements.

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Paste Special I

In a series of short tips, we introduce the Paste Special feature.

A quick and easy way to multiply an array of numbers by a constant without using a formula…

In the example below, we wish to multiply B5:B20 by 10. Temporarily enter 10 into an empty cell. Select it and then Cut or Copy

Select the target range, then click on Edit – Paste Special . In the Paste Special dialog, unselect Paste All and Formats. Also select Multiply. Now click OK …

We are done! The modified cell range.

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Creating A Series Of Workdays4

To create a series of dates in a range, with just weekdays (Monday through Fridays), you first enter your starting date in a cell (B2, in the example below), and then enter the following formula in the cell below that cell.


Then use the Fill Down utility to fill out your entire series of dates.

The formula to display the day of the week we have already met…


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Text Formulas: Extracting First & Last Names

By combining the different text functions available in OOo Calc, some common name transformations can be performed.

Here are a few examples…

Using “Harry Potter in F1…

=LEFT(F1;FIND(” “;F1)-1) returns “Harry”

Note that without the -1 in the above formula, we would get a trailing space – making life difficult for us later on.

=RIGHT(F1;LEN(F1)-FIND(“*”;SUBSTITUTE(F1;” “;”*”; LEN(F1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(F1;” “;””))))) returns “Potter”

I think we need to explain the above formula a little bit. First off, when trying to develop formulas of this complexity – do not attempt to write it all at once.

This is what is known as a megaformula – a miniature program – squeezed into a single formula.

When extracting the last name like this – we use the RIGHT function – but it is not much use unless we know where the last name starts. It starts immediately after the last space character. We can find that with the FIND function. Howver FIND works from the left. If we could figure out how many space characters there are – we would be set. We do that by removing the space characters and seeing how much shorter the name is.

The whole procedure is illustrated below..

As an alternative to developing these megaformulas, you could also code this in Open Basic – but for that, we will wait another day.

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Paste Special II – Removing formulae

The paste special feature is useful for preserving the values in a spreadsheet – but removing the formulae that generated those values. This may be required to preserve proprietary equations.

To remove the formulae for a range of cells, select and copy the desired range. Do not unselect the range. Now click on Edit – Paste Special – see below.

Make sure the Formulas box is unchecked. After you click OK, the formula is removed but the value is preserved.

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Importing Tabular Data : CSV Files

If the various OOo Calc forums are an indicator of what gives Calc users the most grief, then importing data into Calc via CSV (coma separated values) files is up there with charting as one of the most error prone tasks.

Before you can perform data analysis with OOo Calc, you first need to import the data into the program. Supposedly, one of the more straightforward mechanisms for doing so is via CSV files. These are text files whose files have defined separators tab, comma, semicolon etc) that allow easy mapping from the CSV file into the cells of the spreadsheet.

In this tutorial, we will import some French population data into OOo Calc. The popdata.csv file is listed below.

From the File-Open dialog, we select File type TEXT CSV (*.csv *.txt) We then select the text CSV file we wish to import.

The Text Import dialog opens – which will give you a preview of your imported data. The default separator is comma, and fixed field width is unselected, so we do not need to change any of the settings in this window. Click OK

Now you can inspect the imported text data, making any formatting modifications that you deem necessary. Note that the width of the columns have been optimally sized by OOo Calc.

When it comes time to save your data and/or exit the OOo Calc application, you will be given the option of saving as a CSV file. If you do opt to save as a text CSV file, you will lose any formatting modifications that you made to the imported data.

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Counting unique entries in a range

A good source of hints and tips for OOo Calc can be the numerous Excel blogs. One of the best is from Dick Kusleika.

This formula for counting the number of unique items in a range of cells was one of three suggested by Dick – but the only one that ported successfully to OOo Calc.

It is an array formula. Use Ctrl-Shift-Enter when entering it.

=SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(LEN(A1:A10)>0;MATCH(A1:A10;A1:A10;0);””); IF(LEN(A1:A10)>0;MATCH(A1:A10;A1:A10;0);””))>0;1))

where A1:A10 is the range being analyzed..

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