Auto Filling Cells

Use this procedure to automatically increment data as you fill down a column or across a row.

1.Select the cell range whose existing contents you want to extend to more cells. Then release the mouse button.

2.Move the mouse pointer on top of the automatic fill handle in the lower right of the selected cell. The mouse cursor turns into a target cross.
3.Click and hold down the left mouse button on the automatic fill handle, and drag in the desired direction of the fill, selecting all the cells you want to contain data.

Here are a few examples of how the automatic fill sequence works:
The sequence 1, 2 becomes 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on
The sequence 1, 3 becomes 1, 3, 5, 7, and so on
The cell content “Quarter 1” becomes Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, and so on
Automatic fill only increments data that Calc recognizes, such as numbers, dates and cell references. If Calc does not recognize data, automatic fill duplicates the data exactly. However, you can create sort lists that contain lists that Calc will recognize and automatically increment. To create a sort list, choose Tools – Options – Spreadsheet – Sort Lists

If you just want to copy the range without changing the values, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging.

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Character Codes

OOc calc uses the ANSI character set. By using the CHAR function, any member of the ANSI set can be generated. Conversely, the ANSI character code can be determined with the CODE function. The sheet below displays all the ANSI characters.

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Controls : PushButton

The Form icon opens a floating toolbar with the tools and functions needed to create an interactive form.

Long-click the Form icon in order to open the floating toolbar. A short mouse click always activates the control field inserted last, which is shown as an icon.

To place a PushButton on the sheet – click the icon shown here. iconbutton.jpg
This control can be used to execute a command for a defined event, such as a mouse click.

To modify/view the properties of a selected form control select
Control The dialog shown below pops up. It has two tabs.

The General tab controls the appearance of the control.

The Events tab controls the actions associated with the control.

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