The OOo Calc Advanced Filter is similar in functionality to the AutoFilter wherein lists are filtered according to a combination of multiple criteria.

What is different is the mechanism by which we define these criteria.

Sometimes, the Autofilter does not meet the requirements due to the limited number of criteria that can be applied. With Advanced Filter, the criteria are defined in the spreadsheet. This is illustrated below in cells B2:D4 The criteria matrix normally has the same colums and headers as the main database. Each row of the criteria matrix corresponds to a conditon to be applied to the database when filtering. Criteria in the same row are ANDed, while criteria in different rows are ORed

In the example below, we have configured the criteria to select rows whose Year is 2000 AND whose sales exceeds $5,000. We have yet to apply these criteria to the database.

The Advanced Filter dialog is opened with Data-FIlter-Advanced Filter – after selecting the database cells we wish to filter and having created our criteria matrix (see above)

In the Advanced Filter dialog, we just need to identify the criteria matrix and then press OK

The filtered data is shown below.

Finally, we see an example where the same original data is filtered with a different criteria matrix. Here, with the conditions on different rows, they are ORed.