When entering text in OO Calc cells, you may notice that the program makes assumptions about what you are typing and you get unwanted corrections.

These corrections are completely configurable throught the AutoCorrect dialog.

The AutoCorrect dialog is invoked by selecting Tools – AutoCorrect as shown below.

The Options tab presents some optional corrections that OOo Calc can perform on any text entered by the user. From the identifier of each option, it should be easy to understand what OOo Calc plans to do – if that option is enabled.

In particular, the user can make use of a replacement table of common mispellings. The replacement table is fully configurable via the Replace tab – shown below.For example, if “acn” is a string you use often (a name of a company perhaps) OOo Calc will always insist on replacing it with “can”. By removing this particular entry from the replacement table, OOo Calc will leave “acn” alone.

The Exceptions tab – see below – allows the user to prevent OOo Calc from correcting certain 2-letter initial cap combinations.

Finally, the Custom Quotes tab allows the user to replace single/double quotation marks with any characters of his/her choosing.