In this series of tutorial, we will take a newly created chart and make use of the various chart editing tools provided by OOo Calc to adjust the appearance of the chart to our satisfaction.

In the example below, the chart has just been created from the data in B2:C11 However, we would like to make some changes – making the chart background transparent, adjusting the orientation of the x-axis labels, changing the format of the y-axis numbers and correcting the label on the right hand side.

The first task is the chart background. We would like to make it transparent. We first select the chart by double (left) clicking inside it’s borders. Then we invoke the Chart Area dialog by (right) clicking and selecting Chart Area as shown below.

With the Transparency tab selected, we make the desired change as shown below. Click OK

The end result is much more pleasing to the eye. But we are not finished yet with our chart modifications. Next, we will adjust the orientation of the x-axis labels.