In a previous entry we imported data from an HTML file on the local disk. In this example, we will extract stock quotes from an MSN site and import the data into OOo Calc spreadsheet.

We will import the stock quote information from this MSN webpage. A screen shot is shown below.

For this example, we import the data into the spreadsheet as before with Insert – External Data . The URL is;=INTC and the table we need to select is HTML_15.

You also need to make sure your proxy server settings are correct under Tools – Options (Internet)

Now, we can choose to have OOo Calc import this data at predefined regular intervals. This is useful – given the constantly changing nature of the stock prices. Also, each time that the user opens the document, OOo Calc will prompt to update the external links. Basically, what we have created is a ‘window’ to an external document. It can be a snapshot – or it can regularly monitor the target – updating accordingly.

Having extracted the data from the external website in it’s’raw’ form, we can use VLOOKUP to grab any piece of data we want. This is shown below.