I have been wanting to do this for the longest time – ever since I became aware of this puzzle last year. So for the past week, I’ve been busy putting together this spreadsheet that will assist you with solving a Sudoku puzzle.

Anyway, three days and 900 formulae later, I present… ooo_sodoku.

This is not a push-button solver. Perhaps the next version will allow that. Basically, for each square in the solution grid, the solver will determine all the possible values – saving you a lot of the drudge work associated with these puzzles.

As you manually enter the values in the solution grid – top left, the main grid in the center will display one of three colors for each square. Light blue indicates that square already filled in solution grid. Green indicates only one possible value – which has yet to be entered in the solution grid, and brown indicates more than one solution

Your comments, encouragement and feedback are always welcome. As I said earlier, there are 900+ formulae here – so bugs are possible.