The technology sector is home to a number of different job opportunities however, in order to make yourself the perfect candidate for some of the more advanced positions you should be doing everything you can to show off your skills. When looking for a job you must be able to sell yourself and explain to a potential employer why you deserve a position at their company, if you are not able to do so then they will have no issue with accepting an application from someone who will, which is why it is important to work on your interview confidence for the best chances of getting the job your desire.

I would highly recommend that you think about how all of your past achievements have led you to this position and how they have given you experiences relevant to the company that you want to work within. Especially within your educational achievements where you may have received a very difficult award or grade for a project. It is qualifications like this that will set you apart in a very crowded market of people who are looking to work in the next big tech company.

Running a Blog

A huge way that you can boost your chances of being awarded a position within a tech company would be to set up and manage your own blog, if you are able to get some success from this platform then you are going to be much more valuable to the company as you are able to establish an online client base. This article will look at the many ways in which running a blog can help boost your employability within the technology industry, which is so competitive right now.

The great thing about running your own blog is that you have complete freedom over what you choose to write about and post to your readers. Of course, if you are interested in working with technology you should try and make it relevant to that industry to impress potential employers when you show them. To run a successful blog you need to have a substantial following meaning that social media should be used to share and make people aware of the content you are making, although it may take some time it will all be worth it when you can show an interviewer that you have already contributing hard work to the industry.


One way that building a blog can help improve your employability is that it helps you to build high-quality research skills. If you want to avoid putting out factually incorrect content then you will need to do plenty of research before writing a new blog post, it is this level of preparation that is required within the technology industry so it will stand out as a strong skill under your belt with potential employers. You should make sure to go into detail about your research process within any interviews you have as this will also help sway the vote in your favor.

Interactions With Potential Customers

Another way that having your won technology blog will help your employment chances is that it shows you can interact with a customer base, although you will not be being paid for the blog straight away you could end up getting advertising opportunities and other brand deals. This shows that you can work in a professional environment and that you can interact with your followers in a way that meets the industry standard. This will also help your confidence which is another quality that your employers will be looking for in their staff,

Building a Following

In order for your blog to be successful, you will need to advertise and market your content to build followers and readers, this is one of the most important parts of running your blog that will help boost your chances of getting a job as it is a transferable skill to be used within many aspects of your future career. One way that you can boost the success of your blog would have to be using a blogger outreach service to increase your internet search rank and help you become a more recognized blog that people will go to for information.

Innovation and Showing Passion

The final way that having a blog will help you become more of an employable candidate would be simply that it shows you care about the industry. The fact that you have gone to the effort and spent the time putting the blog together and running it to a high standard shows that you want to give back in the tech industry. If you have the passion to work then this is likely to impress employers over some of the other more professional requirements.